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Taken directly from the workshop page.

Angel Arena Black star is a game mode based on Farming, Ganking, and fighting. Whichever team achieves the kill goal wins. Most abilities have 7 levels. All heroes can progress up to level 600. Some abilities are reworked and have new effects. Also, there are some Absolutely new Heroes with their own unique ability set, there are also many new items and upgrades to standard DotA items such as consumable items to increase your heroes statistics.

Players are automatically selected to participate in duels every 5 minutes. Note the first duel starts in 10 minutes. Instead of the original 5 minutes. Giving players more time to prepare.

Most parts of certain hud were changed. Noticeable changes include the Shop, Ability panel, Hero Selection Screen, Game clock, and the toggleable game interface.

There is a total of 11 bosses. Located on the map. 4 on dire, 4 on radiant, and 3 located in the middle. Bosses respawn every few minutes, some bosses drop essences which can be used to change your hero to a god-hero.

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